Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Outdoor Fireplace Masonry

Outdoor masonry fireplaces add a classic touch, and create a warm and magical atmosphere to any outdoor space such as garden, patio, backyard, or pool area. Though expensive to build and maintain, masonry fireplaces have an old world charm and romance associated with them. These are ideal places around which a family can gather and share sweet moments.
Traditional masonry fireplaces are built with footing, a firebrick-lined firebox, and a brick-lined or stone chimney. Attractive and durable fireplaces can be crafted out at a reasonable cost by a highly-skilled mason. Brick and sandstone are the raw materials commonly used. Masonry fireplaces may be designed from volcanic pumice stone, high quality marble or attractive natural sandstone. Usually masonry fireplaces are built with hearths matching the stone used. Masonry construction is proof against rain or snow. These fireplaces usually have chimneys to emit hot gases and smoke.
In some designs, flat pieces of rock are installed by hand for custom fit, providing a unique design and style. The bottom part is fixed up to six inches below soil surface. Robinson rock, a natural stone, is also popularly used for fireplace construction nowadays. Fire Rock's pre-engineered fireplace system is a new provision for building a masonry fireplace more quickly and economically than a hand-built, brick and mortar structure. It is cast from masonry material, which does not yield to rust.
Traditional fireplaces use wood to build the flame. If you are looking for a masonry fireplace with gas either natural or propane, you will not have to deal with smoke, sparks, cleaning up ashes or gathering wood logs.
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